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Playing Rules

Please check back soon for playing rules for this tournament

Important - Roster Rules


 We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the roster rules for the 2023  International World Series.  Please read thoroughly and carefully as this will give the full breakdown of roster rules.  


We will be following the National Guest Player Rules for the IWS.  Players will be able to play in multiple weeks of the World Series as long as the National Guest Players Rules are followed.  If a player is on a Major Roster and plays in the Major World Series, he would not be able to be dropped from that roster after the first week and be approved to be added to a AAA roster for the AA/AAA week.  If the player is on a Major Roster for the IWS as a guest player, but is normally on a AA/AAA roster, he would be allowed to play on his normal AA/AAA rosters.  There could be teams that play up in the Major IWS and also sign up to play in the AA/AAA IWS.  If that team picks up guest players from Major teams for the Major event, that would be allowed, but they would not be allowed to add those players as guest players for the AA/AAA IWS.


Players' names must be correct on your roster.  If there are any mistakes on names, please let us know ASAP, so we can make sure we fix the names.  This will also trigger us to make sure the player is not on another roster with the correct spelling.  If such does occur, we will merge the player profile and remove the incorrect player from the roster that had him incorrectly.  We are going to do our best to make sure that rosters are correct.  If a player was added to a roster incorrectly and not caught, and protested during the IWS, the team will likely be removed from the tournament with no refund.  It is the Manager's responsibility to make sure their roster is correct.  


There will not be any exceptions made to these roster rules, so please do not ask.  Also, please begin to get your rosters up to date as soon as you can.  If you guys have any questions or concerns, please reach out to myself, Robert Ribera, Anthony Silva or Enrique Guillen.


Thank you, and we look forward to 3 fun filled weeks of the International World Series.


Jeremy Huffman
CA State Director - Baseball

* State Director will have the final say in all roster decisions.

IWS Roster Rules
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